What’s Happening Over Spring In The Scottish Highlands?

A path through some trees and flowers. It's probably spring.

Spring is a transitory season – winter is still nipping at our heels but the shining sun and the occasional bout of warm weather might trick you into thinking it’s summer. Spring doesn’t just mean that the weather’s changing, it’s also the perfect time to try new things: including a wonderful stay in the Highlands. Wondering just what’s on during the spring in the Scottish Highlands? Read on and find out!

Springtime in Inverness

Our luxury getaway, Achnagairn Estate, sits a convenient seven miles away from Inverness itself and that historic city has a host of spring events and festivals, all right on your doorstep. Starting the season off is the Scottish annual NIP festival; a festival dedicated to craft spirits and the all-important Scottish commodities of whisky, rum and having an incredible time.


Held all across the city, with a final event hosted at Bogbain Farm to the south of Inverness, NIP includes tasting events and guided gin and whisky tours – including a renowned drinks exhibition. The event will take place between the 29th of March and the 2nd of April and is perfect for anyone looking to explore Inverness over the course of your stay at Perfect Manors.

Of course, there’s no obligation to go all out and visit a festival or a city-wide event, spring is the perfect time of the year to really get out and see the sights of Scotland. With a number of walks surrounding Inverness, from hour long wanderings around Craig Phadrig to an impressive four hour trek over the Caledonian Canal, there’s plenty to keep your wanderlust at bay!

Cortes and Aberdeen

Our other luxurious location, Cortes House, is a splendid venue that’s thirty six miles out from the heart of Aberdeen itself – so take the opportunity to cut right to the heart of Scotland by attending one of the newest Highland Games in the country during your stay.shutterstock_63099001

The Gordon Castle Highland Games is a fair hour away from Cortes House itself, but the trip is well worth the extra effort. Mixing traditional events: the caber toss and the stone put, with new attractions, the Games promise to have a little something for everyone willing to get involved with one of Scotland’s proudest traditions. The event itself isn’t until May 15th, plenty of time to mull it over – or to get yourself hyped up for a jam-packed day of traditional fun.


With so much to do over the spring, you’re almost spoilt for choice and there’s no wrong answer: Cortes or Achnagairn, you’ll always find something fun to do over spring in the Scottish Highlands. So what’re you waiting for? Spring to action and book your Perfect Manors holiday today.

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