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Beaches in Antigua...

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Beaches on your Holiday in Antigua

Antigua is nothing short of paradise on Earth. Complete with cerulean blue skies and azure waters, if there’s one thing the Caribbean is known for – it’s the beaches in Antigua. Golden, sandy and so idyllic you may have to blink twice to believe your eyes, Antigua is the ultimate embodiment of relaxation.

With over 360 beaches to explore, it is impossible to know where to begin. We’ve rounded up a few of our personal favourite haunts for your perusal.

Galley Bay Beach

Located in the west of the island, Galley Bay Beach is often described as the best beach in Antigua. Known for its friendly locals and expansive space for sunbathing, it is unlikely you’ll find yourself in a crowded situation. So stretch out, relax and soak up the outgoing atmosphere!

Fort Bay

On the road to Fort James, lies the beautiful beach of Fort Bay. Easily identified by its white sands, the beach is a popular destination for tourists. With facilities including local bars and cafes, as well as the opportunity to get in a game of volleyball or two, a trip to Fort Bay is a fantastic day trip for all the family.

Dickenson Bay

Seeking the perfect snorkelling spot? Dickenson Bay is the beach for you. With plenty of water-sports services to choose, Dickenson Bay is close to several notable attractions such as the Warri Pier restaurant – watch the fish play alongside your dinner with this restaurant’s ocean-side offering. Head towards Halcyon Cove to find some great snorkelling spots.

Other Beaches in Antigua

Of course, this is but a small selection of beaches in Antigua. To find out more about local beaches, visit a longer list here, or alternatively get in touch or drop us an e-mail. Why not visit our special offers and begin your very own Antiguan adventure. Book your holiday in Antigua now!

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