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Antigua Infinity Pool ...

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Our Antigua Villa Infinity Pool

What would our Antigua Villa be without its very own private Antigua infinity pool? Our crystal-clear pool is ideal for lounging around, playing games in and also for swimming laps. Further, when the Caribbean sun becomes too much, plunge into the pool to cool down – but don’t forget the sun cream! With the added bonus of our pool being completely private, there are no worries about overcrowded waters and noisy children (unless you bring your own) – we simply offer you serenity and bliss.

Infinity Pool

Features of the Antigua Infinity Pool

The pool is 50 feet in length, an exceptional size for a private pool, so you have plenty of space to play, float or, for the more energetic among you, challenge yourself (and companions) to make and break lap records.

The pool is, at its most shallow, 3.5ft and reaches no more than 5 feet at its deep end, making it ideal for less confident or younger swimmers and those wishing to enjoy themselves simply splashing around.

The horizon edge of the pool makes for a wonderfully open feel as you swim or rest in the cool water, and only enhances the gorgeous view of the gently lapping, azure waves of Nonsuch Bay stretching out towards Green Island and the encompassing embrace of the North Atlantic Ocean.


Poolside, the surrounding veranda features comfy lounge and deck chairs for soaking up the sun, a hammock for a lazy snooze and an elegant pagoda for those refreshing cocktails in the shade.

Due to the nature of an infinity pool, extra care is advised due to a lack of raised borders –  inflatable toys and lilos can be potentially very dangerous, so if you do use them, please take extra care; children should be supervised at all times. Watch out for unrestrained floating toys disappearing over the horizon; a rapidly approaching, flying inflatable crocodile might give anyone passing below a bit of a shock…

To find out more about our  Antigua Villa and its infinity pool, get in touch to find out about availability as well as our lucrative special offers.

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