The Wedding Checklist: 3 Things Every Bride Needs To Remember

Bride and Groom under an umbrella

1. Plan B: When It Rains, It Pours

No matter how carefully you plan your special day, there is one thing you can never count on – the weather. Not only can a sudden downpour put a damper on the wedding ceremony, it can cause havoc with your wedding photos as well. So in a country where it rains more often than not, having a spectacular weather plan B is essential. From wellies and waterproof mascara, to brollies and backup venues, make sure the wedding venue you choose is properly equipped to shower you with wedding bliss come rain or shine.

Wedding Cake

2. Food For Thought

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, remembering to ask guests to RSVP with food allergies when sending out the wedding invitation isn’t always at the top of your wedding checklist. While asking guests’ about any dietary requirements they might have is pretty standard these days, asking guests about any food allergies they have is less so. Although it is fairly easy for a vegetarian to nibble around a meaty menu, somebody with a serious food allergy only has one option – to acquire a taste for going hungry. Forget to cater to your guests’ dietary needs and you risk leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

Bride & Groom on bed

3. Post Wedding Shut Eye

For a guest, the only thing worse than an inedible menu, is having to drive for hours to find the nearest hotel. While no guest would expect you to put them up for the night, they will expect you to choose a venue with plenty of accommodation close by. So unless you’re willing to give up your bed to your great aunt Elise on your first night as man and wife, make sure choosing a venue with enough nearby accommodation is one of the first things you do on your wedding checklist.