Your Luxury Wedding Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue for your Big Day?

It feels unfamiliar. Heavy, even. You can’t stop staring on your finger. There’s a stone, it is shining and yes… it has actually happened… you are going to get married! You’ve dreamt of this day since you were tiny and now it is a reality. On cloud nine, sharing your excitement with your nearest and dearest. And not only with them. Frankly with anyone who will listen. Or not listen. With everyone!

And then It hits you… you actually need to plan a wedding… where to start? What to do first? Wonder turns to worry; amazement to anxiety; pride to panic. Don’t stress! We are here to help.

There are obviously many important factors to consider for the big day; you know perfectly what they are. So instead of simply listing them we thought we would give you our view on what is clearly the most important factor – the venue. Well maybe not THE most important. Possibly that is your fiancé. But that aside, we believe the venue contributes more to your special day than the dress, the shoes, the guest list, the music, the photographer, the videographer… we could go on. Why do we make such a bold claim? Well, because it sets the atmosphere for the whole day, if you choose it correctly. After all, it is YOUR day. Be as selfish as you want. The celebration of you and your partner tying the knot and becoming a family unit. Going from two to one. For once it really is about you.

So what then makes the ideal wedding venue? Well you wouldn’t expect us to be entirely objective on this one. There are so many factors, we are going to take them one by one over the next few blogs. Today we want to talk about ambience. That’s pretty elusive, really hard to pin down. Some may say it is the romance of standing on the distant beach with an orange sun, sinking into a turquoise sea. Others may say it is the familiarity tying the knot in your own home surrounded by a few handpicked friends and family. Absolutely, whatever reflects your personality. For us that is the key to enjoying the biggest day of your life. But why not do that in the splendour of a historical venue where character oozes from the panelled oak and yet where you are able to put your own stamp on everything. Where each wedding is as individual as the couple saying ‘I do’. Certainly your wedding venue should take your breath away, like the day your partner got down on one knee (yes, many of them still do that!). Do you want a venue which is set up already and where every wedding is the same? It won’t surprise you to hear our answer is no. Okay, this is where we lose any semblance of objectivity. What you want, what you really want is to come to Achnagairn Castle. Let’s not beat about the bush. Our beautiful wedding venue at Achnagairn Castle has everything you could ever want. So how do we create that special atmosphere? We don’t; you do.  The wonderful ballroom can act as a blank canvas (not because it is lacking in personality, but because it is exquisitely simple – vaulted ceilings, stone walls and a minstrels’ gallery – all built in 1912), and allow you to create the wedding you have always dreamt of.  

Do you prefer traditional? Why not add some pink roses and candles around the magnificent fire place where flames flicker and create warmth in every sense of the word. Or is your taste more contemporary? In that case festoon lights, wild flowers and an outrageous mix of clashing colours! The choice is always yours.  We are here to help advise, to take the stress away but never to tell you how your day should be. That is up to the two of you.

Next week check out this blog for other thoughts on the venue – what else really matters in making your choice?