Our 5 Favourite Must-See Attractions in Inverness

Inverness Castle Overlooking River Ness

Famed for its untamed wilderness and breath-taking scenery, the Scottish Highlands are a myriad of history and heritage. From castles and battlefields to myths and mysteries, we’re counting down our favourite must-see attractions in Inverness this summer.

1. Inverness Castle

At the heart of Inverness lies Inverness Castle. A beacon of Highland History, the site has played host to a seemingly endless succession of castles guarding the River Ness since 1057. Built on the site of an 11th century defensive structure, the castle has been rebuilt, sacked, sieged and occupied for centuries. Today it is home to the Inverness Sheriff Court, with an on-going campaign to open the castle up to the public. While a tour of Inverness Castle’s many chambers may not be possible just yet, a walk through the ancient grounds in the shadow of this iconic landmark is a must for all avid Highland explorers.

Loch Ness Road Sign


2. Loch Ness

No trip to Inverness or the Highlands would be complete without a trip to one of Scotland’s most famous lochs. Immortalised by a legendary monster, Loch Ness attracts thousands of visitors each year in the hopes of securing a sighting of the elusive Nessie. But a long-standing mythical creature isn’t Loch Ness’ only claim to fame. The loch itself is an impressive 23 miles long and the second deepest loch in all of Scotland. With a road running up both shores, a road trip along Loch Ness is one of the best ways to see the many historic attractions in Inverness.

Urquhart Castle

3. Urquhart Castle

One of the most important historic attractions in Inverness has to be the spectacular ruins of Urquhart Castle. Seized by the English after Edward I’s invasion and recaptured by Robert the Bruce, the castle was once the centre of political upheaval and bloodshed in the North for centuries. Today this loch-side fortress is one of the most iconic castles in the country. Perched on the banks of Loch Ness, the castle commands unbelievable views of the legendary Loch, and is one of the main sites for reported sightings of the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Clava Cairns

4. Clava Cairns

From one historical attraction to another, Clava Cairns, or the Balnuaran of Clava, is a well-preserved Bronze Age burial site near Inverness. Made up of a complex passage of graves, ring cairns, kerb cairns and standing stones dating back 4,000 years ago, Clava Cairns is a hugely significant prehistoric attraction in Inverness. Shrouded in mystery, the site has been excavated several times over the years in the hope of unearthing the secrets to our Neolithic past.

Cottage at the Culloden Battlefield

5. Culloden Battlefield

If there’s one thing the Highland’s isn’t short on, it’s a history of battles and bloodshed. And Inverness just happens to be home to the last battle to be fought on British soil – the Culloden Battlefield. With the site restored to its pre-battle glory, this award-winning visitor centre is one of the most sought-after attractions in Inverness. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your Highland history, or embark on a tour of the battlefield, see history come to life in Inverness.

So there you have it. Five attractions in Inverness you simply don’t want to miss during your Highland adventure. To find out more about the wonders of the Highlands, things to do and places to see, escape the ordinary with Perfect Manors and Achnagairn Estates.