• The Nookery double bedroom with wood clad walls at Achnagairn Castle Hotel
  • Classic double bedroom in Achnagairn Castle Hotel with glass cabinets and chequered fabrics, flower printed cushions and white bedspread

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Classic Bedrooms: Spectacular Scottish Castle Accommodation

When it comes to Scottish castle accommodation, our wide range of Classic Bedrooms are simply lovely. In any other property, they would be considered large luxurious rooms, but compared to some of our even larger suites, like the Deluxe Suite, they may seem more compact in comparison. Which is why we like to remind all our guests that when it comes to Scottish castle accommodation, size after all is a relative term!


Each one of our Classic Bedrooms has its own name, its own theme and its own décor. Among them, you will find our design gems:

  • The Nookery, despite being a smaller room, is one of those most loved by our guests. Refurbished by a craftsman who had grown up in the forests of Europe, it has a distinctly Alpine feel – both the bedroom and the bathroom are clad in wood.
  • Pagoda takes its inspiration from China. The hand painted tiles in the bathroom each feature a Chinese pagoda, painted in traditional blues and whites. The bedroom follows the same theme, with Chinese porcelain and an oil painting to complete the effect.
  • Mingling Fountains was inspired by the Shelley poem, Love’s Philosophy, which the owners used as the centre piece in their wedding ceremony. The first line begins: “the fountains mingle with the river, and the rivers with the ocean….” Sure enough, there is a picture of a fountain, and in the bathroom, a mirror with lights seemingly receding to infinity emphasise the enduring nature of love.
  • Clandestine takes Achnagairn back to its roots, representing Scottish castle accommodation at its finest. Founded by the Fraser clan, this bedroom pays homage to Scotland’s colourful past. It is also hidden away from the other rooms, hence our clever play on words! The bathroom is perhaps its most impressive feature: reminiscent of a grotto from times past.
  • Scottish Sun is on the ground floor of the Castle, and is fully accessible for our guests with disabilities. Wood panelled elegance indicates the room’s history – it was once the coveted Butler’s quarters! In the spirit of true Scottish castle accommodation and hospitality, the room is brightly furnished, exceedingly charming, and conveniently located next to the dining room.


If you would like to sample the delights that our Scottish castle accommodation has to offer and want to know more then get in touch!

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