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Who are Perfect Manors? Good question. We are not a big, bland hospitality chain. We are small and – dare we say it – perfectly formed! After all, the best things come in small packages.  We passionately believe that life is too short for banality, for blandness, for boredom. We therefore invite you to come to and experience our extraordinary five star luxurious accommodation to “Escape the ordinary.”


Started by husband and wife team Gillian and Mike Lacey-Solymar, Perfect Manors was born with the purchase of the beautiful Regency Mansion. Expansion then took them to Highland Retreats Achnagairn and, eventually, also, to Antigua. Each of our properties has three things in common. Each is beautiful, each is unique and each allows our guests to “Escape the ordinary.”


Our properties have fascinating histories. For instance, Highland Retreats Achnagairn has a plaque going back to the 17th century. Its ballroom was created in 1912 – a present for the then owner’s daughter to celebrate her 21st birthday! Regency Mansion was built in 1812. Luckily for us that Regency period was one of the finest eras for architecture – the property is graced with huge windows and 14 foot ceilings with stunning cornicing, all typical of the period. All this topped by a massive glass cupola! Perfect Sunshine, on the other hand, is a very modern creation – designed by the Perfect Manors architects and built by local tradesmen in 2008. Fitted with luxury high ceilings and glass windows, the best thing about the property is the views – endless vistas over dreamy turquoise seas…

Meet the Team

The Owners

So, who are we? Well, the owners are – Gillian and Mike Lacey-Solymar. Our three children would also like to think of themselves as part of the team and with some justification! Our daughter Tanya does our marketing, Georgie served as an intern and Oscar keeps us all smiling with his creativity!

The Team

Our team is comprised of hospitality gurus having over 20 years’ experience within the luxury industry. From maintaining our magnificent luxurious accommodation, to running the day-to-day operations of Perfect Manors, they are nothing short of fabulous.

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