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Discover your Heritage with a Genealogy vacation in Scotland...

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From stories of gory bloodshed to tales of triumph, there’s no better place to begin tracing your family heritage than the capital of the Scottish Highlands – Inverness. With facilities such as the Highland Archive Centre locally available, tracing your genealogy has never been simpler. With websites such as Visit Scotland to help kick start your search, there’s never been a better time to plan for some genealogy vacations in Scotland


Facilities for Genealogy Vacations in Scotland


The Highland Archive Centre is located on Burgh Road, Inverness. Containing volumes of research material for both the professional and amateur enthusiast genealogist, the centre is the first stop to tracking your family roots. Across the years, the facility has built up an in-depth and varied collection of biographies, education records, court records and registers to help those seeking information to discover their .

In addition to public records, many private archives are also available – including business records, church records, family records and industrial records. There is a dedicated family history centre on site at the facility, manned by helpful staff who are more than delighted to assist and advise on your search. With archives dating as far back as the 14th century, the facility is equipped with all the necessary tools you need to trace your family lineage, as well as some information on the history of tartan itself.


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