International Women’s Day at Achnagairn!

International Women's Day

Achnagairn celebrates its women on International Women’s Day!

On international women’s day it seems the right moment to say how much we love women at Achnagairn –  in the castle and in the mini manors and of course in the restaurant too!.

We have far more women employees than we have men (sorry blokes!); we have far more female clients than male (sorry blokes!) and we even at the management level women outnumber men (sorry blokes!).

Women at Achnagairn

So what does that mean in terms of the business? Well, the first thing it translates into is an incredibly friendly atmosphere. A week ago a new member of management joined (a woman of course) and the first thing she noticed was how warm everybody was. The second thing it means is that we bend over backwards to be flexible. Got to pick your child up from school at 3 o’clock? No problem – we understand, as we’ve all been there before. Prefer to work from home from time to time? Well, if the job can be done from home then why on earth not? And thirdly it means is that there is a profusion of colour everywhere. Oh and of course whilst out there in the big bad world women earn less than men, that is definitely not the case at Achnagairn. So, does this make life tough for the men? “Well, it keeps us on our toes… the good news is it means  no dirty mugs to wash up in the staff kitchen, but the bad news is much less talk about football!” So says John, our food and beverage manager . Sorry boys, but so be it…Our monarch is a woman, our prime minister is the woman. and the most prominent politicians in Scotland are both women. This International Women’s Day, go girls go!